Youth Employment project

Youth employmentroe workers youth employment program

In the participation of the Youth Employment Project (YEP), youth are introduced to good business practices, administrative duties, sales & marketing, organizational structures, and project operating plans for the region’s richest cultural staple- fisheries and fishery development. Given an opportunity to be employed and gain experience each year will boost the working skills of the youth and open doors for them to advance. Youth are shown that attaining a strong work ethic is a sustainable asset to their futures. During employment, youth are put in situations to exercise their positive working skills such as: problem-solving, team work, and communication skills at an impressionable age. Our main goal with the YEP is to shape regional youth by giving them a building block foundation to gain skills in order to transition into proficiently experienced working adults, who are motivated to further their education.

Throughout the season, students are transferred to each position to best find out where their career interests belong.

Youth Job Positions

14-15 years of age

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Custodians
  • Breakroom Store Workers
  • Kwikpak Store Workers
  • Public Relations/Sales & Marketing

16-17 y/o

  • Packing Room Workers
  • Boxing Room Workers
  • Roe House Workers


Kwik’Pak has been employing the regional youth since 2001. In 2010, 105 youth were employed at Kwik’Pak Fisheries working a total of over 14,500 hours combined. The youth have participated in many projects led by Kwikpak Fisheries, such as painting the churches & women’s shelter in Emmonak & Alakanuk. Youth were also very active in the establishment and building of the new Kwikpak Break Room & Kwikpak Fisherman Store. Youth also became involved in the support of suicide prevention, attending a small conference led by regional elders and several community entities. The youth have shown excellent progress in work ethic and future potential in the leadership of our communities. Through the YEP, the youth give the communities a great sense of excitement of what the future holds for the region!

Part of this project is helping the recent high school graduates work and save! We will also have these high school graduates work with Employment and Training Services in applying for scholarships and for post-secondary education in their desired skilled trades.