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Emmonak AlaskaEmmonak that serves the villages of Kotlik, Alakanuk, and Nunam Iqua. They also serve as the ground agent for Everts Air Cargo, providing freight and mail services to the communities of Emmonak and the surrounding villages. Ryan Air’s fleet consists of Cessna 207s, Short Brothers Skyvan SC-7s, CASA 212-200s, and Pilatus PC-12s. These aircrafts can withstand heavy weights ranging from 1,100 to 5,000 pounds. Contact James Kameroff, the Ryan Air Emmonak Station Manager, 907-949-1377 or visit www.ryanalaska.com.

Emmonak Women’s Shelter 
The Emmonak Women’s Shelter was established to minimize domestic violence and sexual harassment against women and children throughout the Yukon Delta. Six advocates, a director, a supervisor and two Rural Outreach Coordinators staff the shelter. They help women who are battered, homeless, or in any sort of crisis. They offer a place to stay and food and clothing for women and their children. They are open year round around the clock, including holidays. The villages that the Emmonak Woman Shelter serves are Emmonak, Kotlik, Alakanuk, Nunam Iqua, Mountain Village, Pitkas Point, Pilot Station, St. Marys, Russian Mission, Marshall, Scammon Bay, Chevak and Hooper Bay. To contact the Emmonak Women’s Shelter, call 907-949-1434 or write P.O. Box 207 Emmonak, AK 99581, or find them on Facebook.

Emmonak Family Restaurant
The Emmonak Family Restaurant is owned by Charlene Chaney and managed by David and Em Rubendall. The business was started by Paul and Charlene Nika and continues to operate as a family owned business. It is the only restaurant located in Emmonak and its location is described as “eight miles from the end of the earth” by David Rubendall. Charlene, David, and Em enjoy their customers. The Emmonak Family Restaurant is open every day of the year. Inside, they have two working pool tables, a juke box filled with music, and a couple of 1980s video games. The restaurant is the only indoor all-ages “hang-out” location, open from 4:00 pm to late night. The Emmonak Family Restaurant is a drug and alcohol free environment. To contact Charlene and the Family restaurant call 907-949-1449 for further information and menus.
Emmonak Corporation
The Emmonak Corporation was established on December 18, 1971 when the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) passed. The Emmonak Corporation had 478 shareholders; presently, there are currently 386 shareholders. The other shares are distributed to descendantsofshareholders. The Emmonak Corporation owns the Emmonak Company Store, the Emmonak Tank Farm, and about 400 acres of land. TheEmmonakCompany Store provides groceries and hardware, and a deli that serves hot “magic food”, as John Kelly, the President of Emmonak Corporation, called fast food. The Emmonak Tank Farm provides gas and propane to the community. They have a capacity of 200,000 gallons of gas and 150,000 gallons of heating fuel. “We do a lot of donations each year to shareholders” says John Kelly. “We also have ‘emergency cash’ stashed away for shareholders who need emergency funds.” The Emmonak Corporation has a nine member Board of Directors, including Chairman Billy Charles, Vice-Chairman Marvin Kelly, Secretary Herman Hootch, and six other members. “I think theEmmonak Corporation is important to the community of Emmonak as a retailer and entity. It supports employment. We have one of the most essential commodities for the community, which is fuel for transportation and heating homes,” says Nick Tucker Sr., Chief Accountant for the corporation. “It also supports youth in pursuing a career in retail, corporate businesses, and accounting,” Tucker adds. To contact the Emmonak Corporation call 907-949-1129. To contact the Emmonak Tank Farm call 907-949-1328. To contact the Emmonak Company store call 907-949-1349.Alaska Commercial Company-Emmonak AC Store
In 1776, Catherine the Great gave trading rights to the Russian-American Trading Company and started operating trading posts all over Alaska. In 1867, when Alaska was bought by the United States of America, the company’s name was changed to the Alaska Commercial Company (AC). The AC provided groceries and general merchandise for trappers, explorers, and gold seekers. These village posts became the center of all community activities such as the post office, community hall, court room, marriage parlor, funeral home, and a safe place for travelers. When the gold rush came to an end, the number of AC stores declined, but a few remained. The Alaska Commercial Company is the oldest retailer in America, and the largest rural retailer in North America. In 1963, the Emmonak AC Store was built, 1.4 miles north of the original settlement, due to flooding. The AC Company store in Emmonak supplies the basic needs and quality products to customers at competitive prices every day. The services provided by AC Company in Emmonak are retail sales, food, clothing, transportation, and financial services. A new AC store was opened in 2012.

Pearl E. Johnson Sub-Regional Clinic
The Pearl E. Johnson Sub-Regional Clinic was established in April 2001. The Sub-Regional Clinic is owned by Yukon-Delta Health Corporation and the CEO is Gene Peltola. The clinic operation began in the late 1930s by Pearl and Axel Johnson in Emmonak, Alaska. They worked for free and travelled from place to place by dog team. Together, they helped deliver 69 babies and cared for 124 patients with TB. Since then, the clinic expanded to what it is today. Construction of the sub-regional clinic began in 1998 and was completed approximately a year later. For Pearl and Axel’s dedication to the healthcare of our people, the clinic was named the “Pearl E. Johnson Sub-Regional Clinic”. The company’s vision statement is “through native self determination and culturally-relevant health systems, we strive to be the healthiest people”. The sub-regional clinic provides a higher level of healthcare that may not be available in smaller clinics in our region. The villages they serve include Emmonak, Alakanuk, Kotlik and Nunam Iqua. Of the five sub-regional clinics in the YK region, Emmonak’s is one of the busiest. Contact the Pearl E Johnson Sub-Regional Clinic by calling 907-949-3500.