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ALAKanukAlukanuk on the Yukon River

The village of Alakanuk is a Yup'ik village active in commercial fishing and subsistence and located fifteen miles from the Bering Sea at the east entrance to Alakanuk Pass, the major southern channel of the Yukon River. Alakanuk is eight miles southwest of Emmonak and 162 air miles northwest of Bethel. 69 of its 677 residents hold commercial fishing permits and 23 residents hold fresh water fish permits provided by Kwik’Pak Fisheries. Geographically speaking, the village is the longest village in the region, stretching over a three mile area along the pass. Its subarctic climate averages 60 inches of snowfall annually, with temperatures ranging from -25 to 79 °F. Heavy winds are common during the fall and winter.

Salmon, beluga whale, seal, moose, and snowshoe hare provide food sources for residents. Some residents supplement their livelihood through trapping. Many residents from Alakanuk and Emmonak travel back and forth to shop and attend social events and basketball tournaments. Alakanuk is easily accessible from the Yukon River and Bering Sea by barge and riverboat. Most passengers and mail arrive by air. No roads connect Alakanuk with other population centers in the region, but the Yukon River is used as an ice road from November through May. Snowmachines and boats are used for local travel, depending on the season.

Alukanuk Alaska