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Kwik’pak is into our second fur-buying season with noticeable increases over last year. We now have fathers and sons once again trapping together. The region has a total of 78 trappers with hopes to increase that number. So far this year, Kwik’pak has paid out $55,953 directly to trappers.

Some hard working trappers have made up to $4,000. Many of whom attended our workshops last fall gaining valuable knowledge in trapping techniques and fur handling. We encourage anyone interested in getting started to contact us here in our Mountain Village Office or calling Jeff Sutter at (907) 591-6465.


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Last season's beaver, fox, and otter were tanned and returned for resale in the villages.

To date, we have sold over $5,600 in tanned fur. Most were sold to skin sewers who made fur products for resale, boosting the village economy.

We still have a fair amount of tanned fur for sale at the most affordable prices, including tanned beaver, fox, and wolves. We have more fur at the tannery that will be for sale next fall. Come and check us out in Mountain Village or call Jeff Sutter at (907) 591-6465.


Wild fur is in demand and prices are on the rise. We are currently paying good prices for well-handled fur. March 31st is the closing date of trapping season for most species, except beaver and muskrat. We will continue buying them up until breakup sometime in mid May.

We hunt and tan; Red Fox (seasonal), Otter, Lynx, Mink, Muskrat, Beaver, Wolf, Weasel, Wolverine, and Marten. If you have any questions or if you want to arrange for us to come and buy fur contact Jeff Sutter at (907) 591-6465.