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ADD WILD YUKON RIVER SALMON TO YOUR MENUchef Rick Moonen fishing with King Salmon

“The best fish I ever ate!”
– Rick Moonen, RM Seafood

Chefs everywhere love wild salmon—particularly during the summer when it’s fresh and delicious.
While wild Alaska salmon has earned a place of honor on menus around the country, the most prized salmon of all comes from the lower Yukon River. It is caught at the peak of perfection when vital nutrients and oil content are at their highest.  This contributes to the delicious flavor and flaky texture of this exceptional fish.

Without question, wild Yukon River salmon is a great addition to any menu, from casual to fine dining.  Why?

Here’s what renowned chef Rick Moonen of RM Seafood has to say:  “The best fish I ever ate,” he wrote.  “The salmon that have to go the furthest distance and encounter the most difficult journeys have to store that much more fuel in order to complete their cycle….I have to tell you now…fat equals flavor, texture, nutrition (omega-three fatty acids) which makes these fish so amazing!”

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Why buy “direct” from us?

Each fish you buy through this program is hand-selected, then dressed and iced immediately to ensure that it reaches you in prime condition;
The fish are flown to Anchorage, where they are packed with great care for shipping direct to your restaurant(s). Depending on when you place your order, the product can be at your door within 24 hours.

We guarantee each and every fish to reach you in prime condition—or you get your money back.