WaqAa! Greetings from the Yukon River, Home of the World’s Best Salmon

Waqaa! Greetings from the Lower Yukon River in Western Alaska, home of Kwik’Pak Fisheries, where the Yupik people have lived a subsistence lifestyle tied to the lands and waters for 10,000 years. Kwik’Pak Fisheries is a community-based organization that improves the regional economy through local employment, training, and educational opportunities. Our work includes commercial fishing and buying operations and support for many small businesses in villages along the river.

Kwik’Pak Fisheries, established by Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association in 2001, ensures a fair commercial market to the Lower Yukon River regional fishermen it supports. In addition, Kwik’Pak Fisheries responsibly develops fur and timber resources and river towing and construction jobs.These efforts, along with the establishment of the Fisherman’s Store, enable regional residents to prosper while remaining true to their culture and environment.The ancient dynamics between the Yupik people and their home are the foundation for Kwik’Pak Fisheries and the livelihood of those who fish its waters.

HIRING Summer JobsLearn more about our economic development initiatives on the Kwik’Pak Regions page, and visit the Kwik’Pak Marketplace to learn about our wild Yukon River salmon, the people who catch them, and how to purchase traditionally-caught, traceable salmon processed in our

Pictured is Tony Westlock fishing on the Yukon River, June 2011. 

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